Women of Action Meeting

Judy Smith

Primary elections are just around the corner on Aug. 2. Candidates are making the rounds of their constituencies; sharing their backgrounds, their skills, and why they should receive our vote.

In keeping with our goal of informing our members, The SaddleBrooke Ranch Women of Action Club’s April meeting featured Blake Masters, candidate for U.S. Senate; Kathleen Winn, candidate for SBR’s Congressional District; and Kirk Fiehler, candidate for District 11 of the Arizona Legislature. All three candidates shared their views on various issues and answered questions from the audience of 40 women.

Masters is a resident of Tucson. He received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Stanford University and worked in Silicon Valley for a time. He received his Juris Doctorate from Stanford in 2012. He co-founded a software company for legal research and analytics so is familiar with the complex world of computers.

Winn has founded a homeless shelter for women and children in Arizona and organized the Arizona Identity Theft Coalition. She played a vital role in the Arizona Military Outreach Taskforce where community and government leaders address problems and issues associated with veterans and military. She also directed the creation of the Attorney General’s Task Force Against Senior Abuse (TASA).

Fiehler serves as a Pinal County Precinct committeeman and lives in Catalina. He has experience in sales and service industries as a district manager, and was one of three candidates to replace former Representative Bret Roberts upon his resignation.

All these candidates showed passion for secure elections, secure borders, upholding the Constitution, conservative fiscal policies, and the proper use of resources in Arizona.

SBR Women of Action pledges to inform its members not only about the candidates, but how to make your voice heard in the marketplace of ideas and doing our part in keeping our American way of life.