Women’s Bible Study Offered by Community Church at SaddleBrooke

Terry Barringer

Are you looking for a fresh start for the new year? The Women’s Ministry of the Community Church at SaddleBrooke (CCSB) invites you to kick off 2024 with a dynamic study presented by Susie Gannett, an international speaker and teacher. This winter, Susie will be teaching from the Book of Colossians. If you have studied under Susie, you know how enthusiastic she is while teaching the Word and how adept she is at making it relevant to your life today.

Lighting Your Candle in the Darkness

As the world was a dark place in the days of the Roman Empire when Colossians was penned, there is deep darkness in our world today—war, war crimes, sexual immorality, addictions, and the ensuing wrecked lives, poverty, and crime—to only scratch the surface. A study of this book helps us understand how as followers of Jesus, we can keep our candles shining bright in the darkness that surrounds us.

This eight-week study will be offered at the HOA TWO MountainView Ballroom,

38735 Mountain View Blvd., SaddleBrooke, starting Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The cost of the study is $28. The Book of Colossians will be explored using the Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer (SOAP) journaling method of study. This method will allow you to select one verse in the week’s reading and apply its lesson to your own life. If you have previously participated in a SOAP study you may use the journal from that study, purchase one at the first meeting, or bring your own favorite journal.

You can register online at ccsb.churchcenter.com or by using the QR code. Susie’s teachings are always anticipated, and as space is limited, you will want to register now.

CCSB is a nondenominational welcoming group of believers meeting at the DesertView Theatre in SaddleBrooke every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. All are welcome.