You, Too, Can Enjoy and Benefit from Ballroom Dance

Claudia and Max Knauss

“You’d like to learn how to dance, but feel you have two left feet?” asked SBR residents Trish and Kevin Munley. “Taking lessons through our Social Dance Club will take those worries away!” Weekly Thursday night group lessons and monthly Saturday social dances are available year-round here at SBR. Beginning level classes require no prior dance experience.

“While taking lessons,” assure the Munleys, “you will learn in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise, gets you off the sofa, and helps you make new friends!”

Ballroom dance lessons are held Thursday evenings in the La Hacienda building’s group practice area, adjacent to the fitness center. Professional dance instructor Christine Hoskins is highly skilled at working with students with all levels of dance experience. “My wife and I thoroughly enjoy having Christine as a teacher,” shares Mark Leifer. “She is very patient and teaches new steps incrementally, at a very manageable pace.” Classes are available for a wide variety of ballroom dances (waltz, fox trot, swing, rumba, nightclub 2-step, etc.), and music is played from every decade from the 1940s to today’s current hits.

Don’t let feeling awkward prevent you from enjoying the many benefits of ballroom dancing. “Dance is good for your mind (remembering those steps), your body (doing those steps), and it’s also fun!” says Ann Shultz. “It’s just plain good for your soul!” Classes are a great opportunity for couples to enjoy an activity together, even if their physical skills and abilities in other areas differ considerably.

Ballroom dancing increases coordination, agility, and flexibility. If you want to progress to higher levels, SBR’s Social Dance Club also offers more advanced lessons. Confidence gained during ballroom group lessons will increase your enjoyment when attending all monthly dances (ballroom, country, and rock ‘n’ roll). For more information, go to or call Claudia Knauss at 253-732-1944.