2018 Steiness Tennis Festival- French Open at SaddleBrooke Ranch

Susan Pharr

Were you lucky enough to attend The French Open over the weekend of October 11-13?

The tennis courts were all decked out for our annual Steiness Tennis Festival from the giant LOVE on the outside court to the red, white and blue flags around the area. The Marmots challenged the Chamois and the Chamois won!

Over 40 members of our Tennis Association participated in this fun weekend of tennis, playing either Mixed Doubles, Men’s or Women’s Doubles until the weather interfered and the singles matches had to be cancelled. With the participants split into two teams the competition was friendly and the matches were pretty even with 45% of the matches going to a third set 10-point tie-break. Our stalwart Captains Georgine Hurst and Terry Zimmerman were true leaders planning pre-tournament practices, exercises and team dinners and were champions as they balanced the “play lists” around the threatening weather and rain during the event.

The event was capped off with a wonderful party at the new Ranch House Grill with the Chef and staff presenting an excellent dinner. Our Social Chairs Carol Mihal and Sue Cook did an incredible job of planning this special party complementing the French theme and many of the guests forgot they had run around on courts for two days and danced all night to the tunes of the band Eric and the Other Troublemakers!

A huge thanks to all the players and volunteers who worked to put on such an incredible event.

Along with those already mentioned, Susan Swanson and Vern Nulk created themed artwork, Sandy Schlager who dutifully manned the registration table and Billy Mihal, Jim Cook, Wes Hurst and Dean Alfrey who were wherever they were needed and always ready to help out.

The whole weekend was a tribute to what our Tennis Association has become and the fun times that we have. We welcome new members and players to come join our group.