Unit Happenings

The Unit 8 group surrounding the main course international dishes.

Unit 8 holds international party

Burgers, hot dogs and apple pie are all great, but sometimes it’s fun to try food from another country. Therefore, on Sunday, November 11, the residents of Unit 8 held their second annual International Potluck Party. More than forty guests attended and each person was asked to bring one or more dishes (appetizer, main or dessert) to share with their neighbors. The only restriction was that the dish should not be associated with the United States, Mexico or England. The dishes that the guests cooked spanned the globe and included: Filipino lumpier, Russian wrapped cabbage, Korean bulgogi, Italian caponata, Thai noodles, French creme brûlée and German apple strudel. Of course, international food needed to be accompanied by international wine (and beer) and so a large selection of wines from Europe, South America and Asia were available.

The event was hosted by Tim and Brenda Pooler at their beautiful home overlooking the 18th fairway. Steve and Debbie Chapman and Karl and Madoka Knight assisted with the event planning and arrangements.