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Word of the Month

David Zapatka The poll results of the July WOTM column regarding the question, “Is it ‘It’s a few more miles still’ or is it ‘It’s a few more miles yet?’” posed by reader Sally Teusch are in, and they are very interesting. There was one vote for ‘still,’ three votes for ‘yet’ and four votes…

SBRPA and the July “Newbie” Training

Jim looked after Jim Thompson, Ben Gentile, John Sadlik, and Marcia McChrystal.

Alastair Stone The first session, on July 13, was standing room only with 20 participants. First, Susan Ness had to check everyone in; get those waivers signed etc. Then, Training Coordinator Mike Healy took over, coaching one group of four himself, while Jim Hardison, Brandt Carter, Mark Young, and Jennifer Campion each had a group of their…

Relishing Pickleball: Pickleball Bangers

David Zapatka Are you getting tired of playing the bangers? They have one strategy, hit the ball as hard as they can. They rarely hit third shot drop shots. What can you do? There are two options. The first is the punch volley, a volley hit hard and deep. The second is the soft volley,…

SaddleBrooke Ranch Tennis Clinic Returns

Tom Ratterman and Wayne Watkins

Lee Stastny The SaddleBrooke Ranch Tennis Association (SBRTA) sponsors a free tennis clinic every Monday morning from 7 to 8:30 a.m. in August and September. SBRTA members Wayne Watkins and Tom Ratterman conduct this clinic every Monday, weather permitting. All SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) residents with an interest in learning fundamentals of tennis or learning more…

SBRPA Ladies Day on Court 1

(Left to right) Kathy Becker, Sheila Davidson, Doreen Reynolds, and Lori Page

Alastair Stone On July 21, there was another test. This time, Chris Logan was the referee, and with the help of testers Kathy Becker, Sheila Davidson, and Doreen Reynolds, Lori Page successfully tested up to 3.0. Wow, a lot of colorful attire on display!