Trivia at the Ranch

Steve Groth

In Casablanca what song did Ingrid Bergman ask Sam to play? What is the capital of Ethiopia? Who played in the first Big Game? Know the answers and lots of other trivia, come join us every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. at La Hacienda Clubhouse to play trivia. Teams of four, randomly selected, answer 20 questions on trivia of all topics. It’s fun, can be challenging, educational and you may actually learn facts you have never thought of. Topics may include history, sports, movies, literature, science, geography and music. Participants also can take turns being the questioners for a month coming up with their own questions. It doesn’t cost anything to play and you can’t win anything, other than the sense of pride for being on the winning team that week. So, come join the fun, meet fellow Ranchers, challenge your mind and keep those brain cells churning.