2 Your Health: It’s a New Year! A New Opportunity to Make This Year a Great Year!

Dr. Rose Bricker

Dr. Rose Bricker

We all have the ability to improve our thought patterns, behaviors, insights, skills, and perspectives. When we work on these issues, we can find our peace, joy, and contentment. Wouldn’t that make it a great year?

Changing your thinking from negative to positive, being grateful, having healthy coping skills, communicating in healthy and assertive ways, being responsible for your behaviors, and making amends to others are all ways to improve your life and your relationships.

Do you know you can actually do things that will activate the release of the “happy chemicals” in your body? Here are some of the ways to do that.

To release dopamine (the reward chemical): Complete a task, eat food, do self-care activities, celebrate small wins, achieve goals.

To release oxytocin (the love hormone): Play with a pet, engage in physical affection, give a compliment, do something nice for someone, hug your family and friends.

To release serotonin (the mood stabilizer): Meditate, swim, walk in nature, spend time in the sun, do mindfulness activities, deep breathe.

To release endorphins (the pain killer): Laugh, watch a funny movie, eat dark chocolate, use essential oils, and exercise.

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