2 Your Health: Toxic People: How They Affect Our Relationships

Dr. Rose Bricker

What exactly defines a “toxic person?” Do you get a gut feeling that things aren’t right when you engage with certain people? Do you leave the situation or encounter with feelings of confusion and anger that you are being used, manipulated, belittled, and hurt? These types of interactions never feel good! These interactions can keep you from finding your own peace, joy, and contentment. Is that what you want in your life in 2024?

A toxic person often has some and/or several of the following traits: Monopolizes conversation, is extremely opinionated, constantly seeks approval and reassurance, has an intense fear of being alone or abandonment, wants to be the center of attention, believes they are superior, is callous and disrespectful of others, exaggerates achievements or talents, persistently lies, deceives to exploit and hurt others, creates drama, violates the rights of others, lacks empathy for others, lacks remorse for harming others, fails to consider the negative consequences of behaviors or learn from them, expects to be given special favors, behaves in an arrogant way, may seem fake or shallow, has difficulty maintaining relationships, takes advantage of and manipulates and belittles others, is sarcastic, bitter, pessimistic, and/or has a negative view of life.

These are some but not all of the traits to define a toxic person … but you get the idea!

If you are in a relationship with a “toxic” person, either romantically or with a family member or co-worker, you can learn how to recognize the toxic behaviors, learn how to set boundaries to protect yourself, communicate in a healthy assertive way, and prioritize your well-being. This is the way to find your peace, joy, and contentment! You are worth it!

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