2019 Veterans Day display

One of the Veteran's Day picture boards from 2017.

One of the Veteran’s Day picture boards from 2017.

Carol Andrews

For the last five years at the Ranch, we’ve honored our veterans on Veterans Day by displaying their pictures on large boards. We’re doing it again this year. We still have the pictures from previous years, but if you’re a veteran and either new to the Ranch or haven’t participated in the past, now is the time to start digging through those old photos. When you have an old photo let Carol Andrews know. She can either scan it at her home or bring her portable scanner to yours. The photo can even be in an album. The best photos are in uniform and not necessarily in any formal setting. The older the photo the better, for the younger you!

Contact Carol at 520-795-1479 or [email protected] Even if you don’t have a photo, tell her your name, branch of service, and beginning and ending year of service. We want to honor all veterans! Additionally, if you have an old photo of your ship, plane, tank, any military setting, also send those to Carol, and we’ll have a rotating digital display of those. The deadline to get in photos is Oct. 31.