5th annual Employee Appreciation Event


Colleen Cary

On December 18 a wonderful holiday dinner was served to our employees here at the Ranch. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, green beans made for a delicious lunch so graciously paid for by RCI. Also, apple pies and brownies were served for dessert.

Everyone had a great time and they were all so appreciative of the holiday cookies and monetary gifts from the residents. Each monetary gift was placed in an individual card saying thank you from the Ranch residents.

This was our fifth year celebrating our employees who make the Ranch a special place to live. We look forward to making next year a great year, too.

Many thanks for all that helped out. Mindy Hawkins, Mary Spyros, Judy Andrasic and Ardie Rossi and Sam for taking the pictures and Colleen Carey (chair person).