A Letter from the President of Ranchette Putters

Linda J. Sentivanac

On March 11, the Ranchette Putters held a fun outing on the practice putting green. The next day, a pandemic was declared and all of our lives were changed. Since that time, we have hunkered down, awaiting a time when we could safely gather together again.

We greatly miss the camaraderie of our group and are eager to resume club activities. Fortunately, we are seeing a decrease in the virus infection rates and a strong uptick in vaccinations, which could lead us out of the pandemic within a few months. The Board of Putters has been monitoring the situation and working with the Pro Shop in an effort to get us back on the green as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the staff has determined that all of the greens throughout the course must be replaced, including the newly resodded practice green, and that they can wait no longer. A major renovation will be undertaken, beginning April 1.

The practice putting green, which we use for our outings and events, will be torn out and replanted with a grass that will match the new grass on the course greens. The planting and growth cycle for this new grass is lengthy. Once planted, it will be up to 16 weeks before the green is playable. This means that we will most likely not be able to resume our activities until mid-October at the earliest.

We are very sad about this, but there is no alternative.

Please know that we are keeping on top of the situation and will get us back putting as soon as possible!

Hope to see you on the green soon! Have a good summer.

Interested in joining our fun group? We will be welcoming new members as soon as we can play at full strength. In the meantime, you can request to be added to our email list by contacting me at [email protected].