Did You Know?

Linda Harvey

Resident volunteers are a vital part of the SaddleBrooke Ranch community. Some might say they are the heart and soul of SaddleBrooke Ranch. It is resident volunteers who start clubs in the community and keep them running and organized. Just recently, it was many resident volunteers who came together for the COVID-19 vaccine drives. Volunteers are found everywhere in the community, from the Arts and Technology Center, to the tennis and pickleball courts, to the next-door neighbors who welcome new homeowners, to those who help with events outside of the community. As retirees, we now have the time to share the many skills that were developed through years of work experiences, in ways that can now bring us joy and newfound friendships. Volunteering combined with retirement is a wonderful thing. There can be one-time events or long-term commitments. The choice is yours. New residents are encouraged to bring their ideas and enthusiasm to the community as volunteers in new and existing clubs and groups. We live in a beautiful community, and opportunities are numerous for connecting with people through a variety of activities. The benefits of volunteering are too numerous to mention here, but be open to coming up with what benefits you the most.