Riders Mount Up at Westward Look for the Final Ride of the Season

Left to right: Brianna (granddaughter/guest of Debbie Trapp), Debbie Trapp, and Rebecca Williams

Left to right: Brianna (granddaughter/guest of Debbie Trapp), Debbie Trapp, and Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams

The Horseback Riding Group enjoyed riding through the foothills of the Catalina mountains on their April 3 ride at Westward Look Resort. There were two groups of riders out to enjoy a sunlit morning ride, which took them up the gentle slopes of the foothills and through stands of cacti and brush. There were some great views of the Catalinas, as well as the city of Tucson. This stable does require all participants to wear their own helmet or one provided by the stable, but it is otherwise conveniently located and offers a nice ride. Heading down the trail, enjoying the freedom of the outdoors, was refreshing. The desert was not quite in bloom yet, with just one cactus putting out a flower. It was a pretty ride that morning, in any case.

This was the last ride of the season, as it becomes too warm to ride later into the spring and summer. Rides will resume in late September. The group continues to hope for a new stable to open with rides into Catalina State Park from nearby Oro Valley or Catalina in the fall. The wrangler also mentioned they do some great rides during the week down in Tombstone, if you happen to be headed that way.

If you would be interested in the group’s activities, go to the SaddleBrooke HOA website, under Things to do—Clubs. There in the middle column is a link to the Horseback Riding Group. Click on that and then the link under the information for the secretary, Rebecca Williams. There you will see a webpage about the group’s activities and can see the Read News section for upcoming rides.

If you would like to participate, simply click on the link at the bottom left under Contact Us, give your name, the ride you want to join, and the time if there is a choice. The secretary will get back to you with a confirmation and can help with any questions you may have. You can participate as often as you choose. All rides are one hour and at a walk, just to enjoy the scenery. If all SaddleBrooke Ranch residents are accommodated, guests are also allowed to join the ride. You can also sign up for alerts at the site. Watch for the confirmation email, which comes out about 24-48 hours later to confirm your email. Then you will receive an email about any upcoming rides as they are announced.