And they’re off and dancing… square dancing, that is

Won’t you come on out and join us in a square?

Won’t you come on out and join us in a square?

Bob White

When this article hits the streets of SaddleBrooke the class of 2018 will be on their way to learning the steps and calls of Mainstream Square Dancing. Their Mainstream lessons will continue for the next 14 weeks before moving on to the second phase of the lessons called Plus Dancing. These lessons go on for nine more weeks, and at the end of these 23 weeks of lessons there will be a graduation, and the students officially become members of the SaddleBrooke Squares Dance Club ready to head out to any square dance floor and join the world of folks having the fun and excitement of square dancing.

But it may not be too late for you to join them. They will have just completed lessons one and two. If you have been away from square dancing for a while but still recall some of the steps and the great social times associated with square dancing then you might be able to catch up and join the class of 2018. Our caller, Larry Kraber, has been calling square dances here in SaddleBrooke for over 20 years, in fact, getting close to 25 years now, and you may have taken his lessons in the past and know the fun of this kind of social dancing. Or if you have danced other places and want to get up to “speed,” what better way than to hustle on over to the MountainView Clubhouse on the very next Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. and check out the action on the floor.

Want to take a look at the lessons? Go to our website and see for yourself how easy it would be for you to get back into “step” with our form of dancing. While you are at that website you can also check out where the lessons will be for a particular Sunday (some days we have to relocate to make room for other ballroom activities) and also all the other club activities. We just had our annual Octoberfest dance and BBQ picnic at Catalina State Park. Another option is to give me, Bob, or my wife Kay a call at 520-818-9482, and we can answer any questions you might have. Larry Kraber at 520-825-2678 would also be happy to hear from you and answer questions. A side note, Larry just recently received a call from a lady in North Carolina asking about the lessons that she was watching on our website. She was surprised that she got to talk to the actual caller. These lessons do get around and are used here in the States and overseas, both the Atlantic and Pacific.

Well, there you have it. If an ole geezer like me can get out there and dance, sometimes three times a week, be confident that the chances are very good that you can, too.