Arizona Pickleball Players League Teams

Binge Dinkers Women’s APPL 3.0 50+ team members are, left to right, front row: Lisa Richards, Lisa Horton, Elizabeth Mastro, Kathy Jelleff, Linda Parkinson, Jill Moretto, Jacqueline Fancher;  back row: Nancy Nix, Eileen Wagner, Cathy Kauffman, TJ Fletcher, Deb Keeney, Toni Starner, Denise Smith, Irene Harvey. Not pictured: Mardiece Patrick and Darlynn Nero. (Photo by Debora Witten)

Wranglers 2 Men’s APPL 3.5 65+ team members include Mike Duwe, Jim Harvey, Larry Strugala, Frank Engraff (captain), Norb Weisbeck, Tom Reuter (co-captain), George Patterson, Tony Zoellner, and Greg Mazakian. Also on the team but not pictured are: Kit Carson, Bill Burton, Randy Oster, Richard Messenger, Milan Steube, Ed Valdez, Doug Rinke, and Steve Bellinger. (Photo by Debora Witten)

Slam-tastics Men’s APPL 3.0 50+ team members include, from left to right: Tom Bergin, Bruce Fink, John Hess, Mike Flanagan, Barry Feinberg, Adrian Rupp, Jim Doyle, Bryan Cooper, Marlon Gorden (captain), and Jeff Wise. Not pictured is Phil Jelleff. (Photo by Debora Witten)

High Desert Dinkers Women’s APPL 3.0 50+ team members are, left to right, Anne Kraul, Stacey Raaf, Kara Petersen, Karen Derdzinske, Lynn Kehoe, Brenda Wright (captain), Deb Wieczorek, Ann Cooper, Suzie Stults, Ruth Zoccoli, Cherry Pentony (co-captain), Dorothy Rupp, and Marthalee Galeota. On the team but not available for the photo are Trish Minard, Debbie McGrady, Deena Mastracci, and Jodi Walker-Lowe. (Photo by Debora Witten)

Debora Witten

Here’s a look at some SaddleBrooke Ranch Arizona Pickleball Players League (APPL) teams. APPL’s unique team concept allows for a combination of convenience, community, and competition with other players in the state. From beginners to pros, anyone can join and experience the joy of pickleball, with a chance to compete in a season-end state championship.