AZ Tax Credit: Giving can save you money

SBCO qualifies for Arizona Tax Credit of $400 for single or head of household and $800 for married filing jointly. As you start your tax planning for the balance of 2016 please consider giving to SBCO’s many programs for kids.

If your residence is in Arizona then the Arizona Tax Credit allows you to deduct up to $400 for single or head of household and up to $800 as a married couple from your Arizona taxable income. Additionally you may also claim this on your federal taxes as a charitable donation. For example, your $400 donation may pay for over five wardrobes and approximately 25% of a scholarship to a technical school, community college or university.

SBCO is an all-volunteer organization with only four percent of our income going to administrative costs. The other 96% goes to support SBCO’s programs: clothing, food and education. Your donations make a tremendous impact on the kids we serve.

If you have questions regarding the Arizona Tax Credit, please consult your tax preparer. Thank you for considering SBCO in providing assistance to the kids in our area.