Frost in August

It has been said again and again, but The Golden Goose would be nothing without its volunteers. The Goose Board of Directors knows there is really no way to ever repay all of the dedicated, hard-working people who have been there through the hot summer when we lose a good percentage of our volunteers. In the hope that those same volunteers would some way know what they mean to the managers, the Board and the customers, on Monday, August 22, the Board hosted its annual appreciation event by inviting the volunteers to a get-together catered by Frost, the absolute best gelato in Arizona if not the country. Gelato translated from Italian literally means “frozen,” and it was the Board’s desire to provide a refreshingly cool treat to demonstrate the sincere appreciation felt by all for the sweat and hard work done by our volunteers six days a week during these summer months.

Orientation for new volunteers is the third Monday of each month. Consider signing up and joining these valued workers who make The Golden Goose the gem it is, and then you, too, can get “Frosted” in August.