Backs, Bottoms and Bellies

Health Night Out will be January 22, 2018 with Jessie Thomas, PT, DPT, MTC, WCS.

Dr. Thomas will discuss how conditions such as low back pain, pelvic and hip pain are connected to issues of the pelvic floor and how physical therapy can be used for corrective rehabilitation.

She is passionate about spreading awareness of pelvic health disorders including irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, incontinence, pelvic pain and much more. Often low back and hip pain are caused by pelvic floor disorders. If you have similar issues that have not responded to other treatments, this presentation may open the door to new relief using physical therapy.

Dr. Thomas earned her doctorate of physical therapy and is a board certified men’s and women’s health clinical specialist. She moved here from Portland, Oregon where she worked with gynecologists, urologists, and gastroenterologists at OHSU, a medical school and teaching hospital. When she moved to Oro Valley just over a year ago she developed a spine and pelvic health program at Oro Valley Hospital bringing her knowledge from Portland where this treatment was being used effectively.

Through her passion for teaching the details of pelvic floor health she also brings awareness to its often overlooked role in musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunction. She will be presenting at SaddleBrooke at the monthly Health Night Out on Monday, January 22, at 7:00 p.m. in the MountainView Ballroom. During this presentation she will discuss Backs, Bottoms, and Bellies: An Introduction to Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation.

Health Night Out is a free educational presentation for residents of SaddleBrooke One and Two, The Preserve and SaddleBrooke Ranch, and is brought to you by SaddleBrooke Health and Wellness. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from highly skilled local doctors about a wide variety of health issues.

The Mesquite Grill will be open for evening dining before Health Night Out so you may enjoy dinner there before attending the presentation.