Birthday Club luncheon learns about the healing movements of Chi Gong and Tai Chi Kung

Mary Schlachter

The February gathering of the Ranch’s Birthday Club celebrated Valentine’s Day amid flower petals and sparkling candles. The luncheon on February 9 featured speaker Joe Pinella who, after suffering a debilitating auto accident which left him paralyzed, used the ancient Chinese healing arts of Chi Gong and Tai Chi Kung to overcome severe disabilities to regain a life of vitality and health.

The art of Chi Gong is over 5,000 years old and was the primary form of medicine practiced by the Chinese people for centuries. Mr. Pinella explained how the series of gentle fluid movements can strengthen, heal and tone the whole body. Through his classes he teaches the sequence of exercises, which can relieve arthritis pain, improve balance and stamina and help to regain a full of range of motion. He explained in detail the importance of balance in building strength in the body by working the less dominant side thus improving overall wellbeing and through concentration a balance in state of mind. Mr. Pinella’s comments used his personal healing experience to encourage us to recover better health and improved quality of life.

The Spring Fashion Show has been scheduled for Monday, April 20, at 11:30 a.m. The show will be held at the MountainView Ballroom and will showcase fashions from Maya Palace. Featured will be a collection of outfits from casual linens and cottons to elegant ensembles for those very special occasions. Of course shoes, purses, jewelry and other accessories will complete the look. Join your friends and neighbors for this very enjoyable event. Tickets are available for $20 and can be purchased at specific times in the coming months at the Hacienda Club. Look for the announcement of times and get your tickets early as the number of seats is limited.

The Birthday Club meets the second Monday of each month at 11:30 at the Hacienda Club except for Fashion Show months. It is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with the other ladies from the Ranch and to meet new neighbors.

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