Birthday Club news

Raeone Gilison

At our September Birthday Club luncheon we welcomed three new members as well as celebrated nine birthdays. The birthday girls are Pauline Albert, Marian Bianchini, Jan Christensen, Pat Combs, Mary Lou Glazer, Sharon Marchant, Tove Pape, Sandy Seay and Rainie Warner. We had a great summer lunch of cold cuts, leafy greens, assorted sandwich breads and delicious gazpacho soup. The dessert included macaroon cookies and a selection of fresh summer fruits.

Our guest speaker, Kendall Kroesen, has worked for the Tucson Audubon Society for 14 years. Currently he is the Urban Program Manager. In this capacity he works with municipalities, businesses, homeowners and landscape designers to promote landscapes friendly to birds. His talk and PowerPoint presentation were exemplary! The ladies stayed almost 30 minutes overtime as proof of this excellent and interesting presentation.

Kendall presented graphics and explained why the southeast area of Arizona is world famous for birding. Five hundred bird species can be seen in this small southeast corner of Arizona, which includes Tucson in its northwest position. In the total of North America there are only 900 species. That is what makes our area so attractive to people who wish to see birds.

For those of you interested in learning more about birds, there is a book called Finding Birds in Southeast Arizona by Ken Kaufman which you may wish to read. There is also a site,, where you can post your digital bird photos and see others. The site is a plethora of useful information, including the location of the Mason Center, Audubon shops, birding trips, etc.

The ladies of SaddleBrooke Ranch had a fabulous lunch and guest speaker, Sue Ross, at the October meeting. Sue is a certified skin care, image and color consultant.

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