Blood donation exceeds goals


Linda Shannon-Hills

The turnout to donate blood for the American Red Cross continues to exceed our goals. SaddleBrooke Ranch has now held 10 drives in the last twenty months with a total of 374 units of blood. We are very proud of our participation to help with the significant blood shortage. Our contribution in April was 37 units of blood. The need is still great from all the storms. The Ranch is proud to be a premier donation site.

Our volunteers are such a great help during our blood drive. Alastair Stone meets the Red Cross truck to set-up in the Ranch House. Linda Harvey, Dian Gowen and Pam Creighton checked in the donors. Our cantina volunteers not only hand out water and juices as well as snacks, but they watch over the donors after completion of donating to be sure they are fine. Thanks to Peggy McGinnis, Anne Brett and Debbie Schreiber.

If you would like to volunteer, contact Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected]

Mark your calendars for the July 13 blood drive at SaddleBrooke Ranch in the SOL Ballrooms located in the Ranch House.

To make an appointment, call 800-733-2767 or go online to

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