“Breaking News You Need to Know” at Citizens Awareness Forum

Garret Lewis; photo by Dan Culver

Garret Lewis; photo by Dan Culver

Carol Sorensen

SaddleBrooke Ranch residents were pleased to hear local and national current events from a radio talk show host’s perspective on Thursday, August 4. “Breaking News You Need to Know,” Garret Lewis, the informative and always entertaining host of KNST Radio AM790 presented his views and answered our questions at the August meeting of the Citizens Awareness Forum. Lots of laughter and serious moments filled the room. We were thrilled Garret Lewis came to us in our part of the Arizona desert and saw just how aware seniors really are! Yes, there were a few “senior” moments adding to the enjoyment. And if you were listening the next day, Garret remarked on his show about the great time he had with us at SaddleBrooke Ranch and his plans to return!

Jeff McClure, Oracle School Board president, also spoke and invited us to the “Back to School” night as the new school year begins. His enthusiasm and pride of our local school was evident in the remarks he gave of new programs. Tom Sorensen also presented items of local interest.

Upcoming events:

September 1: Amanda Stanford, Clerk of the Superior Court

October 6: Pederson Group, SaddleBrooke Marketplace

November 3: TRICO Energy Savings Workshop

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