Brianne Spaeth Receives Recognition

Brianne Spaeth, pharmacist with Desert Life Pharmacy, has worked closely with SaddleBrooke Ranch in helping to keep our residents healthy and vaccinated. Recently, she was nominated for Preceptor of the Year by the University of Arizona. This is an award given to outstanding teachers and great pharmacy role models.

In April 2022, the Arizona Pharmaceutical Association’s (AzPA) Awards and Nominations Committee notified Brianne that she had received the Pharmacy Appreciation Award. This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated very special or unique interest and concern for the advancement of Arizona pharmacy, as reflected by dedicating significant personal time and effort in completion of one or more special activities or services for AzPA and/or the profession of pharmacy. Examples may include activities such as teaching, committee work, organizational recruitment, legislative processes, and pharmacy-related community involvement.

Congratulations, Brianne!

Desert Life Pharmacy provides, or has provided, to our community:

* More than 27,000 COVID vaccinations

* The new Prevnar20 pneumonia vaccine and the Shingrix shingles vaccine every day

* KN95 masks

* Many medication therapy management (MTM) services free to patients, medication reviews, and cost-effective therapy changes

Desert Life Pharmacy is a neighborhood business and convenient. If you can’t go into the pharmacy, they have curb service. If you are unable to drive to the pharmacy, they have home delivery.