California Club Rocks the Ranch House Event Patio

On Oct. 6, more than 50 members of the California Club enjoyed a Summer of Love party on the Event Patio. The music of the ‘60s provided by Chuck Moses put everyone in a rocking party mood and brought many to the dance floor. There was also a trivia game played with prizes awarded to the winners. The question that seemed to stump almost everyone was: In the summer months the Sierra Nevada surprises and delights visitors with its magnificent … dahlias, watermelon snow, or grizzly bear population.

Without checking your phone or another resource, can you guess the answer?

Also, “Name that Tune” was fun and many of us were surprised that with only the first several notes of a song being played, we guessed the correct name of the song. The songs of the ‘60s are still standouts for most.

The event planning team of Paula Cartwright, Maryjane Carsten, Linda Harvey, Teresa Tarleton, Edie Hugo, and Arlene Wong saw to it that the check-in, food, drinks, décor, trivia questions, and party gifts were organized and beautifully presented.

“Let’s do this again and more often” were the words echoed by all who attended.

The next event will be planned for sometime in the spring. In the meantime, we need planning event team members! If you wish to be part of the event team, please send Edie a message by going on the site.

Ideas being passed around for the spring are a poker run (using houses), a casino night (maybe inviting other “states”), or a food truck street party..

Let the planning begin—please contact Edie as described above to join the event team, contribute your ideas for a future event, or for more information on how to become a member.