Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge Support for Veterans Is Outstanding

Belinda Waller and Bob Kielsa

Bob Kielsa and Belinda Waller have done a miraculous job of fundraising for veterans. As a result of their efforts, total veterans donations for our lodge year 2021–22 reached the highest level ever at $170,033! Thank you for all your support!

The Veterans Services for the Homeless also accept new toiletries and unopened home cleaning supplies. As an FYI, the donations we make on the VA campus may be used by homeless veterans as well as veteran families transitioning into housing.

Summer is here and the heat requires different clothing for our homeless vets. Lightweight shirts, backpacks, and pants are needed. Lip balm, toothpaste, mouthwash—all in small sizes—are very helpful. Please place donations in the green barrel in the lounge. For our one pickup this month, which was huge, we amassed $22,225 of used clothing for our homeless veterans. This brings our total for the year to $47,275!

Again, thank you to all our members who have contributed money for our veterans. We have recently pledged $5,000 to our veterans participating in the Paralyzed Veterans Annual Games. The games are going to be held in Phoenix this year, and we are supporting 10 participants for this year’s event. We have tried to spend your donations wisely, and hope you will continue your generosity for our veterans.