Celebrating Excellence: SBRMGA Champions Dinner

Champions pictured left to right are: Jeff Pharr—2018, 2019;
Ron Stenhouse—2021; Bill Borden—2024; Mark Martin—2014;
Bob Christianson—2016; Steve Thomson—2017, 2020. Absent:
Paul Lapotosky—2013; Bruce Deverman—2015; Mark Whims—2022, 2023.

At the Ranch House Restaurant, champions old and new gathered for the SaddleBrooke Ranch Men’s Golf Association’s (SBRMGA) Club Champions Dinner. The event honored past and present winners, including current champion Bill Borden and stalwarts like Jeff Pharr, Ron Stenhouse, Mark Martin, Bob Christianson, and Steve Thomson. Although some champions couldn’t attend, their contributions were remembered fondly.

Amidst laughter and reminiscence, stories of past victories and tense competitions filled the air, highlighting the camaraderie and passion shared by these golfers. As they stood together for a photograph, it was evident that the dinner was not just about celebrating golfing prowess but also about the enduring bonds of friendship and sportsmanship that define the SaddleBrooke Ranch golfing community.

In the tranquil setting of SaddleBrooke Ranch Golf Course, the spirit of excellence and camaraderie thrives. Here’s to the champions, past and present, and to many more memorable moments on the greens to come.