Chandler at the Ranch

Pam making candles

Pam Whims

My name is Pam Whims, and I started my small company called Sonoran del sol about a year ago. I have always wanted to be a chandler—one who makes or sells candles—ever since I volunteered to help a nice group of Greek Orthodox nuns in Stanwood, Wash., create their candles, which helped support their livelihood. Once a week I would get up really early in the morning and go out to the nuns’ little shop on the farm where they lived. I would see the shop’s illuminating light as I drove down the gravel driveway, and felt such a sense of peace. The warmth of the shop with the smell of melting beeswax was just the inspiration I needed to “someday have my own little shop.”

Someday finally came around, and I now have my own little space where I can create beautiful candles, moisturizing soaps, and room sprays that smell amazing. There is so much joy in seeing people appreciate the candles and other products I make. A lot goes into handcrafting small batched products. Each candle, soap, and room spray is hand poured, hand labeled, and creates spa-like scents. I work carefully in sourcing quality materials for each of my products.

This will be my first year creating a Christmas line. I have been working hard on a little Island called Camano these past few months, and will be back at the Ranch in November. If you would like to “take a whiff” of something, you can contact me by emailing me at [email protected].