Cinco de Mayo Pickleball Festival: Men’s Doubles Winners

Miriam Brock and Nancy Eisenstein


Gold: Sam Calbone and Dave Frestedt

Silver: David Moretto and Lee Barbee

Bronze: Ben Eisenstein and Rob Ortega


Gold: David First and Tom Merrick

Silver: Randy Wright and Edward Watson

Bronze: Jim Parkinson and Mike Erikson

3.0 (Pool 1)

Gold: Dave Ambler and Milan Steube

Silver: Del Andrews and Don Marsjanik

Bronze: Mike Smith and Russ Oster

3.0 (Pool 2)

Gold: Rob Densmore and Larry Burchfield

Silver: Bill Fisher and Craig Bauer

Bronze: Ernest Wolf and Walt Ruzick


Gold: Jim Grady and Gil Logan

Silver: Keith Miller and Pat Hawkins

Silver: Bob Soucek and Ed Harris

Bronze: Rick Rogers and Ron Green


Gold: Dann Denny and Norbert Weisbeck

Silver: Mike Duwe and Joe Sentivanac

Bronze: Michael Healy and Larry Strugala