SBRWGA 2021 La Conquistadora del Sud Tournament

Marlyce Mycka thanking our sponsors for supporting this tournament.

Marlyce Mycka thanking our sponsors for supporting this tournament.

Carol Mihal

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Golf Association (SBRWGA) members recently completed their participation in the La Conquistadora del Sud Tournament sponsored by the Southern District Women’s Golf Association (SDWGA) in southern Arizona. This is a two-day low net eclectic tournament, which was played on March 23 and April 13. An eclectic game results in one 18-hole score per player. The scorecards for the two rounds are reviewed for each golfer and the lowest score for each hole is used. There was good participation in this tournament with 51 ladies who competed on one or both days.

The winner of this year’s del Sud Tournament was Marlyce Mycka with a net score of -9.

Other winners were:

Flight 1: 1st place, Jean Cheszek (-8); 2nd place, Carol Mihal (-7); 3rd place, Trish Kelly (-6)

Flight 2: 1st place, Sterlyn Robertson (-7); 2nd place, Debbie Shelton (-3); tied for 3rd place, Beth Wittmann and Janice Mihora (-2)

Flight 3: 1st place, Charlotte Graham (-5); 2nd place, Toni Graves (+1); 3rd place, Nancy Mommsen (+3)

Flight 4: 1st place, Lee Rinke (-5); 2nd place, Jeanne Osterlund (-4); 3rd place, Pilar Borm (-2)

Flight 5: 1st place, Susan Pharr (-7); 2nd place, Jeanne Jensen (-6); tied for 3rd place, Beth Chamberlin and Linda Chonle (+1)

Flight 6: 1st place, Nancy Galant (-7); 2nd place, Fran Harrington (-6); 3rd place, Lenore Kolhoff (-5)

Flight 7: 1st place, Kay Johnson (-2); 2nd place, Mimi Heywood (E); 3rd place, Joyce Deyoung (+5)

Flight 8: Tied for 1st place, Stephanie Gaskill and Kathi Dyer (-6); 3rd place, Jackie Elphic (-4)

Congratulations to our winner, Marlyce Mycka, and all the winners, who received a nice gift card to the Pro Shop. Thank you to all the ladies who participated in this year’s La Conquistadora del Sud Tournament!

And a big thank you, also, to our sponsors: Lauren & Dorothy–A Mother/Daughter Team of The Moore Advantage Team, Todd’s Pest Control, and Melissa Hawkins of Farmers Insurance. Please consider using these businesses for your real estate, pest control, and insurance needs!