Come Sing with the SaddleBrooke Singers

Cheri Emahiser

The SaddleBrooke Singers will begin their weekly rehearsals on Sunday, Sept. 11, for their holiday concert scheduled for Dec. 3. There’s a chair waiting for you at our rehearsal space at the HOA One Activity Center. You are welcome to join us there at 2:30 p.m. to meet other singers, preview the music for our next concert, and join us in song. You are also welcome to give us a try for a few weeks before becoming a member. Our membership dues are $35 per concert season. We rehearse every Sunday afternoon for two hours. Currently our plans are to perform two concerts, one in December 2022 and the other in April 2023. We can always use another singer especially if you enjoy singing soprano, alto, tenor, and bass (SATB) choral music.

We are a nonprofit organization. Our group is a nonprofit 501 (c)(4) organization supported by members’ dues, sponsors, and proceeds from concerts. The SaddleBrooke Singers have been an official musical group in SaddleBrooke, sharing our love of choral music with the community, for almost 25 years. During that time, we have accumulated an impressive musical library of more than 250 titles. Our director Tanya Elias plans our concert program and typically adds to our library a few new contemporary musical numbers each season.

Singing Is Good for Seniors

Studies have shown singing is good for you. Greg Cohen of George Washington University tracked a senior singers chorale in Arlington, Va. Their average age was 80—the youngest being 65 and the oldest 96. Preliminary data showed the singers suffered less depression, made fewer doctor visits a year, took fewer medications, and increased their other activities. Evidently, singing provides an inexpensive, easily accessible, and powerful way to improve physiological and psychological well-being.

Studies into the health benefits of singing conducted at Canterbury University showed positive associations between singing and feelings of well-being, including greater relaxation responses; improved breathing and benefit to the heart and immune system, and better posture; and enhanced social, spiritual, and emotional benefits.

Those of you who have been active in an SATB choral group before moving to SaddleBrooke or SaddleBrooke Ranch know that singing in a choral group is fun! Our members confirm that singing together keeps their musical abilities working and widens their circle of friends. See what singing along with the SaddleBrooke Singers can do for you.

Contact Claudia Kistler for more information at 520-306-2113 or visit our website