Community Circle Players Have Not Been Idle!

Andrea Molberg

Spring brings new beginnings and fresh looks. In the MountainView ballroom and performance space, SaddleBrooke’s live theatre group Community Circle Players (CCP) has been getting ready for when audiences can return. Significant MountainView Country Club improvements have been finished. As co-founder Susan Sterling remarked, “The upgrades are done and even paid for!”

CCP’s successful, popular past productions funded the improvements, with the hope that all who utilize the stage will reap the benefits. CCP is committed to producing quality entertainment and giving back to the community.

Renovation help came from many, including SaddleBrooke TWO staff and Frank Carlsbeek, owner of Old Pueblo Theatrical Solutions.

In phase one, the stage area was painted, and the champagne-colored main stage curtains were altered, steamed, and re-hung on new hardware so they can be opened and closed easily and quietly.

Gina Gaglianno, owner of Sonora Theatre Works, then created black custom-tailored back curtains and side legs/wings to add flexibility to the stage. The new curtains allow for an adjustable performance space, with a movable backdrop to highlight an individual speaker or single performer. When a larger performance area on stage is needed, the black curtains can be flattened against the back wall and pivoted to provide flexible stage entrances and exits, plus a hallway passage behind the visible stage.

Additional tracks for the existing light fixtures, to illuminate the stage and dance floor, have also been added for flexibility, benefiting everyone using the MountainView Country Club ballroom.

As you can imagine, the five directors of An Evening of One Acts are chomping at the bit to utilize the newly renovated stage, just as soon as it is safe to rehearse and perform. The community is looking forward to this as well.