Coping With Loss Support Group

Luau attendees included, front row, left to right: Greg and Jodi Lowe, Jill and Dave Stark, Robin and Dave Muck. Back row: Ben and Nancy Eisenstein, Kathie and Sam Calbone.

Cindy Cannon

No one is immune to loss and the resulting dynamics of grief. Grief is an experience we all share. Yet, what is grief? How do we define it? What shape do we give to it? Seldom do we talk about it, or try to find a definition for it until we are in the midst of it—a time filled with pain and confusion.

Have you recently experienced the loss of a loved one? Are you still struggling with a loss that happened in the past? If so, our SaddleBrooke Ranch Coping With Loss Support Group may be right for you. Our group is composed of supportive SBR residents who have experienced loss, and we come together to provide resources and support to members of our community. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month from 6 to 7:30 p.m., and our meetings are held in the La Vista room in the Hacienda Clubhouse. Our next meeting is Dec. 7.

We currently manage our group through GroupWorks. We require that SBR residents who wish to receive support become members of our group on the GroupWorks site. Discussing personal issues around grief and loss can be painful, and we want to make sure that our members feel comfortable sharing their needs without concern for confidentiality, so we have a set of guidelines for our members that address confidentiality and other appropriate issues.

If you would like to join our SBR Coping With Loss group, reach out to the group leader, Cindy Cannon, at [email protected].