Dennis Abbey Wins at Robson Trap Trials

SaddleBrooke Ranch Trap Trials participants, left to right, first row: Al Swenson, Dennis Abbey, Bob Grady, Joe Glas; second row: Mike Henderson, Mike Rabe, Dennis Joannides, Steve Laak, Alain Martinez, Jeff Pricco; third row: Lloyd DeMartini, Lance Sutter

Vicki Ray and Bob Grady

Dennis Abbey was one of three top shooters in this year’s Robson Trap Trials held March 22 at Tucson Trap and Skeet. Dennis placed third in the men’s best of field and was the top shooter for SaddleBrooke Ranch. Quail Creek won the trials for the second year in a row and will host the 2025 event.

Shooters convene each year from Robson communities across Arizona, shooting three rounds of trap singles and capping the day with lunch and awards.

This unique trap-shooting contest combines the top five individual scores from each community to determine a community score and a winning community. Those five shooters each receive a trophy. Trophies also go to the top shooter in each community, and the top three female and male shooters across all communities.

2024 Community Scores

The scores for each community are as follows: Quail Creek – 341; Robson Ranch – 334; SaddleBrooke Ranch – 329; PebbleCreek – 316; Sun Lakes – 298; and SaddleBrooke – 264.

Men’s Best of Field

The top three male shooters were: 1st: Ron Schroer, Robson Ranch, 72; 2nd: David Athey, Quail Creek, 72; and 3rd: Dennis Abbey, SaddleBrooke Ranch, 71.

SaddleBrooke Ranch Scores

SaddleBrooke Ranch shooters and scores were: Dennis Abbey, 71; Mike Henderson, 69; Lloyd DeMartini, 64; Dennis Joannides, 63; Steve Laak, 62; Bob Grady, 62; Lance Sutter, 61; Joe Glas, 59; Mike Rabe, 58; Alain Martinez, 50; and Jeff Pricco, 50.

Thanks to all who participated and enjoyed this excellent event. We were proud to represent our community of SaddleBrooke Ranch.