Unit 8A St. Patrick’s Day Open House

Ernie and Kathy Nedder

On St. Patrick’s Day, the spirit of the Emerald Isle filled the air at the open house hosted by Kathy and Ernie Nedder. With the aroma of corned beef sliders, freshly baked Irish bread, and the warmth of Irish hospitality, guests were welcomed into a cozy haven of Irish tradition and cheer.

Seventy guests from Unit 8A and beyond dropped in to partake in the festivities. The Nedder residence buzzed with laughter and conversation. If only the walls could expand, said Kathy Nedder, as the house filled to overflowing.

The centerpiece of the event was undoubtedly the corned beef sliders, expertly prepared by Kathy Nedder herself. Accompanied by hearty slices of Irish bread, vegetables, and more, guests savored every bite of these traditional Irish dishes. And to wash it all down, coffee with Carolans Irish cream provided a perfect compliment to the meal. Cookies, cupcakes, and mini apple tarts were available for dessert.

No Irish party (Ceilidh) would be complete without a singalong, and the Nedder house was no exception: Led by Karl Night (O’Knight), a number of Irish tunes filled the air with popular Irish folk songs.

Every corner of the Nedder house was adorned with touches of Irish charm. From the table cloths, to the placement of books recounting tales of Irish legends and history, the décor served as a testament to Kathy’s deep appreciation for her family’s Irish roots in County Mayo, in the west of Ireland.

As the open house came to a close and guests bid farewell to their gracious hosts, the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day lingered in the air, a reminder of the enduring bonds of friendship and the joy of coming together to celebrate the richness of Irish culture. The Nedder family’s open house served as a beacon of hospitality, welcoming all who entered to share in the magic of the Emerald Isle.