Did You Know?

Linda Harvey

The Architectural and Landscaping Committee (ALC) plays an important role in keeping our community looking beautiful by upholding the harmonious character that has been established. The ALC consists of resident volunteers and a Robson employee administrator who review all requests for landscaping, placement of walls, sunscreens, storage sheds, doors, signs, yard art, flagpoles, shutters, lighting, gates, and more. A copy of the ALC guidelines can be found on the HOA website and then clicking “SBR Services,” “ALC,” and “ALC Forms.” The ALC guidelines define the required and permitted changes to homes and yards, including the committee process. This 50-plus page document is especially important, and you should familiarize yourself with it.

The ALC applications and forms have recently been revised and can be found on the HOA website at the same place as above. You can print them, fill them out online, and email them to [email protected], or if you prefer, pick up the documents from the front desk. At the same place on the website, you will find other helpful documents such as the list of recommended plants for SaddleBrooke Ranch. The committee meets weekly on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. in the Inspirado Room (Board Room) in the Ranch House at 31143 S. Amenity Dr. All homeowners/landscapers that wish to meet with the ALC should sign in by 9 a.m. Once all homeowners/landscapers have been seen, the meeting will adjourn, and no further committee members will be present to meet with until the following Tuesday.

Be aware that an ALC application must be completed and submitted for the installation of a satellite dish, yard/wall art, and the repainting of your home, even if it is to the original color. Once an application is approved, a permit is issued. While the work is being done on your house, the permit needs to be visible in a front window.

Applications requiring review must be submitted with plans to the front desk at the Ranch House (near the ballroom entrance) no later than 4 p.m. the Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting. Contact the ALC via fax at 520-818-6019 or via email at [email protected].