Don’t delay your summer fun and fitness: Line Dance with Rebecca

Dr. Mark Magdanz

From we learn that dancing can replace regular low-impact exercises like cycling, walking, swiming or aerobics. You can actually burn large numbers of calories. Fun and lose weight at the same time-who’d have thought? A 150-pound adult can burn 450 calories doing 90 minutes of dancing. Best of all, you’re not thinking about weight loss. Research shows dancing keeps your mind/body healthier as you age. Dancing increases brain chemicals that help you grow/repair nerve connections. Dances that require learned steps actually increase your brain power/memory skills. Dancing is now known to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Any kind of dance has you using all the different body parts and all the different muscles. It therefore helps to strengthen bones and tone your entire body and brain. All forms of dance are known to lower risk of heart disease, control weight and strengthen the bones/muscles especially of your back, legs and hips.” From Frontiers in Human Neuroscience-2017: “Dance, with its changing choreography, is superior to all other activities for brain recovery, preservation and balance improvement.” Note: all physical activities show some positive results-dance was the most helpful.

With Rebecca’s classes you’ll gain fun, exercise, balance, strength, new friends, brain maintenance, increased memory, muscle tone, bone strength, self-confidence and consistent fun. A willingness to laugh at yourself and with others will be your greatest asset. It is required that you be nice to yourself and allow the time to catch the basics.

Level 1 Beginners class is for those new to line dancing. If your life is slowing down, or you need a slower pace, then Level 1 is a great place to add some fitness and energy back into your lifestyle. Classes occur Monday and Saturday in the Ranch Hacienda aerobics room.

Level 2 Intermediate classes provide a bit faster learning and dancing workout. A rare few who have previous training and/or experience may jump directly into this level quickly. For this level you’ll need step training and more stamina. Classes are also Wednesday and Saturday.

It’s time to claim a spot on the summer dance floor. If you are gone for the season, make fall or winter plans now to dance upon your return-priority wait list is the way to go. This summer 9-10 classes are planned for each level. Provisions can be made for those who will miss a lesson or two due to your travels (we travel, too!)

Classes are taught on a reservation basis to control size and favorable learning opportunity. Put your name on one of the class lists by contacting Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656. Rebecca has produced skilled and happy SaddleBrooke Ranch dancers for over five years.