Employee Assistance Fund Drive Provides Help for Our Employees

SBR Employee Assistance Fund Committee

Since the pandemic shut down at the Ranch began, almost every Robson employee has seen their hours reduced. There were only a handful of employees furloughed, but many workers have seen their hours cut by 40% or more. Your generous donations made to the SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) Employee Assistance Fund, either through the GoFundMe website or with checks and cash, have totaled over $27,000 as of May 13. We may be a small community, but we have big hearts!

With the assistance of the SBR HOA management, the SBR Employee Assistance Fund committee has worked hard to determine which hourly, non-resident employees have been most affected by the shutdown. Accordingly, the committee distributed funds to SBR non-resident hourly employees on April 20, on May 4, and again on May 18. A total of 60 employees have received funds. All remaining funds collected will be distributed before June 1.

We have received numerous notes and emails from these employees expressing their surprise and gratitude for these funds. While we know that these funds won’t replace all of their lost income, it is heartening to hear how your generosity has helped them pay bills and feed their families.

The SBR Employee Assistance Fund committee would like to thank each and every one of you for your generous donations. As SaddleBrooke Ranch is opening up more services and facilities, the SBR Employee Assistance Fund has been suspended.

The SBR Employee Assistance Fund Resident Committee members are Wanda Bailey, Phil Preston, Roxanne and Pete Watson, and Linda Shannon-Hills.

Again, thank you for your help!