Health Fair Update

Volunteers ready for action

Volunteers ready for action

Phyllis Ketring, Publicity Coordinator

The SaddleBrooke Health Fair Planning Committee is aware of the dangers presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and that SaddleBrooke residents are at high risk for contracting and suffering from the illness. We also recognize that no one knows what the pandemic situation will be in the latter half of October. The Health Fair is scheduled for Oct. 24.

The planning and preparation for the fair involves many elements and organizations, so the Planning Committee has decided to continue preparation as it has done in past years. However, those preparations will be evaluated on a month-by-month basis, based on the course of the pandemic and applicable health directives in place at the time. The committee will err on the side of health and safety for our residents, our volunteers, vendors, and the employees of organizations supporting the Health Fair.

In simple terms, we will dismantle the whole process at a moment’s notice rather than compromise the health and well-being of anyone involved.

In the meantime, we are accepting volunteers. If you want to be on the list of volunteers, please email Dave Mersy, volunteer coordinator, at [email protected].

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