Featured Fine Artist: Sylvia L. Harmon

Sylvia L. Harmon

I have pursued artistic endeavors for most of my life. My artist cousin and aunt (ceramicist) were amazing mentors. I loved drawing and dabbling in paints. They would always tell me how wonderful my talent for painting was and gave me kind criticism when needed.

I didn’t paint much through high school and college. I maintained some artistic hobbies while raising my two children and working full-time. I became very involved in learning the stained-glass craft. I was taught by a master craftsman, and I was encouraged to do large windows and lamps. This really became my passion. I did windows for doors and houses.

I also worked at knitting, crochet, and machine embroidery for fun. Following my retirement, I was back at my passion for drawing and painting. I bought many DVDs and books and now follow many online tutorials. This keeps me interested in trying different media and helps with improving my skills. I love painting animals, landscapes, and flowers in acrylics, watercolors, pastel, and oils.