Fun, Funky Tapestry Mosaic Magnets Class January 12

Sample of tapestry magnets to be created in this class (photo provided by instructor Gillian Allard)

Dale R. Farland

The SBR Art Club is pleased that Gillian Allard, artist from the Southern Arizona Artist Guild, will be teaching her class here at SaddleBrooke Ranch on Thursday, Jan. 12, from 1 to 3 p.m. If you shop at the SAAG store in La Encantada, you may have seen her artwork of tapestry mirrors and panels.

Gillian Allard’s love of mosaics came after visiting Gaudi’s Parc Güell in Barcelona. The act of piecing together many things, and using a mixture of pattern and texture to make a whole piece of art is the focus of her art. She has been creating functional mosaics for more than 12 years and teaching for over eight.

Class description: These fun, colorful, bejeweled magnets are created from beads, broken jewelry, and any other bits and baubles you would like to include. Because this is mosaic without grout, anything goes! Let your creativity run wild!

Students will make three 1” magnets using epoxy resin clay to secure the tesserae (beads, etc.) to the magnet. When completed, the final product is beautiful and strong. Imagine being able to display your creation as it serves a purpose as a magnet.

Date for the class: Thursday, Jan. 12

Time: 1 to 3 p.m.

Class fee: $65

Class materials provided: All the materials will be provided including a selection of beads, the base magnet, and the epoxy clay with instruction.

Class size limit: Minimum: 5; Maximum: 12.

Registration for class is through GroupWorks: Go to GroupWorks, click on “Art Club” and then choose the “Event” tab at the top of the page. Click on which event you want to attend by hitting the “View” button. In the middle of the page are two buttons: “Not Going” and “I’m Going.” Hit the “I’m Going” button to be placed on the list. Please note that you are not confirmed for the class until a check is received by the SBR Art Club for the class you want to attend. Also, each class has a capacity limit, so please deposit your check as soon as possible to be counted for the class. Please note on the memo line of the check which class you want to take and deposit your check in the black lock box located outside the Art Room.

Membership in SBR Art Club: Starting Jan. 1, 2023, participants for all classes taught through the SBR Art Club requires membership for 2023. Annual membership is only $25. Go to GroupWorks, click on “Art Club,” and then choose the ‘About” tab at the top of the page. Download and print off the membership form and waiver form. Complete and return them with your check for $25 made out to the SBR Art Club. Deposit it in the black lock box outside the Art Room. If you have questions, contact Dale Farland at [email protected].