Golf Cars of AZ Addresses Putters

Susie Morrill, Ranchette Putters VP, is flanked by Kiara Lange, sales manager, and David Conniff, service manager, from Golf Cars of AZ—a Gold Level sponsor.

Camille Esterman

After a recent session on the SBR green, Susie Morrell, Ranchette Putters VP, introduced Kiara Lange and David Conniff from Golf Cars of Arizona. Members welcomed these representatives of a Gold Level sponsor and were surprised to learn that their firm sells M2S electric bikes, along with new Club Cars and used/reconditioned golf cars.

Lange and Conniff’s presentation provided valuable information on general maintenance issues. Available handouts included answers to many common queries: how often batteries should be checked and charged; how to fill the water reservoirs; how to know when a battery needs charging; when to worry about a dash light; the proper way to plug a golf car into the wall; the use of extension cords; charging needs in different seasons; leaving a car plugged in after the battery is fully charged; ability to wash off the batteries; how to care for the body; and finally, the need to maintain proper tire pressure.

The pair also answered questions from the floor, especially the concerns of snowbirds. Tips on how to leave golf cars unattended for several months and not require major service when returning home were invaluable. However, whenever service is needed, Golf Cars of AZ offers free pickup and delivery for SBR residents.

As the sales manager at the Catalina location, Lange invited everyone to visit the showroom, check out the inventory and explore the customization options available. As the service manager, Conniff stressed that his shop stands behind all their work.

Golf Cars of AZ strives to build long-term relationships with all of their clients. The Ranchette Putters thank our Gold Level sponsor for their presentation and continued support of our club.