Gardeners Exchange

Secrets of a successful spring vegetable garden – January 18

The Gardeners Exchange of Saddlebrooke Ranch welcomes Susan Billings Brennan to share “Secrets of a Successful Spring Vegetable Garden” on Wednesday, January 18, at 1:00 p.m. at La Mesa Room, La Hacienda Club, Saddlebrooke Ranch.

It’s hot, it’s dry — it’s just different here.

Chances are you’ve moved to SaddleBrooke Ranch from a wetter, colder and let’s face it an easier gardening climate.

So how do you make the transition to gardening in the Sonoran Desert?

Susan Billings Brennan is a former gardening blogger and lifelong organic gardener who has learned desert gardening the hard way: by failing sometimes, succeeding other times but always by trying again. And sometimes by giving up but only on melons!

What should you plant and when? Should you plant peas in the fall or spring? How should you amend your soil? What about watering? Can you really grow veggies and herbs in pots? Now a licensed realtor with Tierra Antigua Realty, Susan will share her hard-won secrets with you.

Mark your calendars for the follow-up talk by Renee Stevens on Wednesday, February 15, “Garden Pests: the Good, the Bad and the Beneficial.”

There will be fun and giveaways at both sessions.

All are welcome. Open seating. No registration required. For more information please contact Zann Wilson at [email protected] or 219-263-3261.