Two different writing groups for you at SaddleBrooke Ranch

Jan Larkey

Have you ever considered writing family stories for your grandchildren? Or writing about your career challenges, short stories, literary essays, or the great American novel? Whether you want to write fiction, nonfiction or narrative nonfiction there is a writing group for you here at Saddlebrooke Ranch. One group is Writing for Fun and Family (WFF); the other is Writing for Publication (WFP).

The new Writing for Fun and Family group will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, January 10. They will meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 1:00-3:30 in the La Vista Room. No writing experience is necessary. No pressure, no critiques, just putting words together for yourself and/or your family. Literary techniques and tips will be introduced and discussed occasionally. Come and meet others with tales to tell. Bring writing materials.

The Writing for Publication group actually started as a WFF, but several members became interested in writing books and getting published. Thus a process of critiquing manuscripts developed over time. The result: three members are now published. More are headed that way. Their topics vary from a true crime novel, Bible stories for adults, a series of cat-sitting tales and children’s stories, a World War II story, an Asian based war novel and a memoir.

The WFP group meets every second and fourth Monday of the month in the La Vista room from 9:00 to 11:30. Due to our in-depth critiquing, the number of members is limited. The WFP group is accepting two new members at this time. Please contact facilitator Jan Larkey at [email protected] prior to coming to a meeting.