Gary Terrell – someone making a difference

Steve Weiss

Many people complain about the government but few do anything about it. Gary Terrell, a Ranch resident, is different. Gary ran and was elected to the Oracle School Board in 2018. His reasons for serving were to support education, which he believes is critical to our society, and to be certain that the board is spending money efficiently.

Gary’s most recent experience includes being president of the SaddleBrooke Rotary Foundation and chairman of the Foundation’s grants committee. His experience before retiring was 32 years in law enforcement. Gary served three years as the Deputy Chief Investigator of the San Diego District Attorney’s Office. Although his pre-retirement jobs did not involve public education, as a Deputy Chief he was responsible for setting up policies, procedures and budgets for a staff of 89 professionals. As a member of the School Board he is making personnel decisions and establishing budgets, policies, curriculum and goals for the school district.

If you are concerned about taxes then Gary believes you should run for some public Board because these Boards control how your tax money is spent. Also, as a Board member, you can investigate the subject controlled by the Board so that it is being controlled properly. Even if you don’t run for public office, show Gary your support by saying hello and thanking him for his service.