Glasshoppers’ Trip to Sonoran Glass School

The Glasshoppers
at the Sonoran Glass School. From left to right: Marge Rodgers, Mary Fung, Robin Muck, Denise Baker, Vicki Warning, Kurt Warning, Jean Cheszek, Linda Chase, Sharon Farber, Mindy Hawk, and Diana Bull.

Robin Muck

65 members of SaddleBrooke Ranch’s Glasshopper Club signed up for an outing to the Sonoran Glass School in Tucson to learn how to make glass pumpkins or gourds. Each group of eight to 12 was hosted by a special member of the club who organized the group and made sure that everyone was able to carpool.

After arriving at the school, members were shown samples of the pumpkins as well as available color selections so everyone’s selection was different and unique. Each member had an assigned instructor to assist in the formation of the pumpkins. They were very careful to make sure nobody was hurt or burned, as it is extremely hot near the glass furnace!

This was a major fundraiser for the school, and they also offer classes to the public. Several members signed up for future classes with their families to make Christmas ornaments. There was plenty of time to “shop” for some extra pieces during the day!