Golder Ranch Fire District Chief addresses SBR residents

Linda Shannon-Hills

Do you have a medical emergency? Call Golder Ranch (9-1-1) for transportation and medical aid. Have you found a snake in your back yard? Call Golder Ranch (9-1-1) for safe removal.

Do you need your smoke alarm batteries replaced or light bulbs in a high ceiling replaced? Call Golder Ranch (9-1-1) to climb the ladder and install fresh batteries or bulbs that you provide. When you don’t have an emergency, still call 9-1-1 and tell the dispatcher that this is a NON-EMERGENCY and then ask for Golder Fire District Dispatch. Tell them you live in SaddleBrooke Ranch and need to have your smoke detector batteries changed or high light bulbs replaced so you do not fall off a ladder!

During a talk on Thursday, May 25, by Golder Ranch Fire District Fire Chief Randy Karrer, Chief Karrer emphasized that GRFD is here to provide responsive and caring fire and life safety services. Golder Ranch Fire District covers over 2,200 square miles with eight stations and 192 people.

If you are new to SaddleBrooke Ranch, our friends at Golder Ranch are truly part of the SaddleBrooke Ranch community. GRFD has a house at the entrance to Arroyo Vista, which is staffed with three personnel 24/7, trained to fight fires but at least one is an EMT with robust training in Advance Life Support. If an ambulance is needed, there are two in SaddleBrooke that can be at the Ranch in seven minutes.

In the past Golder Ranch Fire did not charge for ambulance service to the hospitals, but the current Arizona Department of Health Services regulated cost of an emergency ambulance transport in Golder Ranch Fire District to well over $1,400. To help reduce the cost to the residents in the Golder Ranch First District, they now offer an EMS Membership, approved by Arizona Health Services. Depending on your insurance plan the cost of ambulance transportation may not be covered fully. You will be responsible for the remainder of the fees from the ambulance transport. It will cover you and any other household members for ambulance transportation to the hospital for just $87.69 per household per year. For more details go to their website Registration is easy and can be done in three different ways: phone 520-825-9001, online or by filling out the registration form available on the website and dropping it by the administration office or at your neighborhood Golder Ranch Fire Station.

The Fire District is working with Pinal County Emergency Management to get all SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch homes on Tucson TV Stations so we can get Emergency Evacuation Notices for fires or other vital notices. Chief Karrer has been actively working on this situation and will notify the residents when a plan has been completed. GRFD is also investigating other methods of emergency notifications.

Another service GRFD provides is a Residential Lock Box. It allows the fire department instant access to your home in the event of an emergency. Your front door key is installed inside and locked. Once installed, the box may only be opened by authorized fire department personnel so your keys are safe and secure from the public and would-be intruders. Not only does this save time but may prevent costly damage to your home in the event entry to your home must be forced by the fire department during an emergency. The cost is $60, a one-time fee. Contact GRFD to purchase the box. Call 520-825-9001.

SaddleBrooke Ranch and Golder Ranch Fire District are great partners. Support our friends at GRFD.