Golder Ranch Fire Updates Ranch Residents on Safety

Roger Lindeken was the model to demonstrate the equipment a firefighter needs to wear and show that there is a lot of weight to carry.

Linda Shannon-Hills

It is a regular event to have Golder Ranch Fire District (GRFD) visit the Ranch and update our residents on fire safety. This spring was no different, except we had two sessions with Dan Habinek, education coordinator for Golder Ranch Fire, who presented two months in a row, March and April.

At the first session, on March 22, Dan gave an overview about Golder Ranch Fire District, with 10 stations, eight engine companies, two ladder companies, seven ambulances, a Fire Inspection and Investigation team, Advance Life Support (ALS), a Technical Rescue team (for floods and mountain rescue); Administrative Services, and the Fleet Division. Chief Randy Karrer retired, turning GRFD over to Chief Tom Brandhuber. The new administrative center is located at 1600 E. Hadley Blvd. in Oro Valley.

A common question asked is “How do I use a fire extinguisher?” Just remember the acronym, PASS. Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, and Sweep from side to side. Always keep a safe distance and evacuate, if necessary.

Dan emphasized the need to choose the right fire extinguisher. The best fire extinguishers for home use are:

* Kidde Pro 210: Best overall.

For specific areas:

* Garage or home workshop: Choose a 5-10 lb. extinguisher.

* Kitchen or laundry room: Use a 2.5 lb. extinguisher.

* Car: Get a 2.5 lb. or 5 lb. extinguisher with mounting hardware to prevent rolling in the trunk.

It was also suggested to have a fire blanket available. Fire blankets are highly effective at extinguishing fires in their early stages. They are easy to use, require no training, and are inexpensive. Fire blankets are also capable of protecting people from the flames, making them an ideal choice for home, office, or laboratory settings. Other benefits of fire blankets include:

* Enhances a person’s chance of survival

* Protects a person’s body from injuries

* Eliminates small fires by means of smothering

* Reliable, lightweight, and easy to use

* Cheaper and more portable than fire extinguishers

* Can be used to extinguish fires in hard-to-reach places

Items residents should consider acquiring for your home:

File of LifeThese free magnets allow a resident to post a “mini medical history” on your refrigerator, including past medical history, a list of medications youre taking, lifethreatening allergies, and more—information that is vital for paramedics. Contact [email protected] to acquire this File of Life.

Residential Lock Box—Learn more at Under the tab, FIRE & LIFE SAFETY, select RESIDENTIAL LOCK BOX. You can also go directly to the Kidde website to order at

The second presentation was on April 26.