Healthy Aging

Maggie deBlock

On October 26 Ellinor Montgomery, RN, author of Eat G.L.A.D. not S.A.D., presented to SaddleBrooke Sunrise Rotary Club a timely topic on eating healthy, which translates into healthy aging. She began with a success story involving her husband John who was 120 pounds overweight when they married. Due to his obese situation he had numerous health issues that included high blood pressure, insulin dependency, severe sleep apnea and congenital heart failure. After her recommended diet his weight loss was 90 pounds. As a result his blood pressure was in the normal range, he was no longer insulin dependent and he no longer experienced sleep apnea.

The obesity epidemic started in the 1950s due to the sedentary lifestyle and processed foods. Seven out of 10 Americans are either overweight or obese. There were 300,000 deaths due to illnesses linked to being overweight or obesity. The standard American diet and lack of exercise are bad for you, explained Ms. Montgomery, resulting in damaged health, damaged kids, cognitive decline and shorter life span. According to Ms. Montgomery the Mediterranean diet is the best.

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