Healthy Dogs, Thanks to Friends of Pinal

Joy Wegner and Mera Laureys

Theodore is one very lucky dog! When Theodore was just 6 months old, he arrived at the Pinal County Animal Care and Control (PCACC) with a deformed back leg, caused by a broken pelvis and leg at a very young age. It was difficult for him to walk normally, but the shelter’s staff realized quickly that this young pup was determined, resilient, and had potential to be someone’s bestie. Theodore’s first stroke of luck!

An amazing student from the University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine stepped forward to foster Theodore. She coordinated with an orthopedic specialist, and with financial support from Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter and Rescues (Friends of Pinal), complex orthopedic surgery was performed. Four weeks later, x-rays confirmed excellent results, and Theodore was cleared to move on to his new home.

Luck was still on this dog’s side. Theodore’s foster mom worked tirelessly to find him a forever home, and Theodore has been adopted!

Friends of Pinal has been offering support for the shelter’s animal population for five years now, with dedication specifically to the medical costs of dogs and cats beyond what Pinal County is able to fund. Generous donations to Friends of Pinal enable the shelter’s staff and the volunteers of Friends of Pinal to coordinate medical supplies and equipment for PCACC, and to work out expenses for surgeries and long-term treatments.

Such a coordination was required for Hansel and Gretel, two dogs found together as strays. After arriving at PCACC, Hansel suddenly developed an abscess that caused his head to swell as big as a pumpkin! Prompt treatment by Benarda Veterinary Hospital in Tucson resolved his health crisis, and he has fully recovered. His “girlfriend/kennel mate” Gretel is currently being treated for valley fever. Friends of Pinal has been able to cover the extended medical expenses for both sweet canine couch potatoes! They are now available for foster or adoption.

The public shelter at Pinal County Animal Care and Control, located near Casa Grande, currently has more than 200 dogs looking for foster or adoptive homes. If your home and your heart are ready to share space for a canine, on a temporary or permanent basis, please contact the shelter at 520-509-3555 or message via email at [email protected]. The shelter’s staff will match your desires and abilities with an appropriate companion!